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1 = 2 (one equals two) - Jean Pierre Vallarino Live From The Living Room  - Christopher T. Magician
Completely Mental  -Tom Wright & Arron Jones Reduction - Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Final Secrets (5 DVD Set) -  Dominque Duviver Split Die Box
Split Die Box (black)
Our Price: $159.00
Icecold: Propless Mentalism (DVD Set) - Morgan Strebler / SansMinds Black Heart and Bourbon - Dee Christopher
eLit  - Peter Eggink Intimate Impossibilities - Richard Osterlind
Ultimate Marked Deck (RED Back Bicycle Cards) Access - Rizki Nanda

Worth a look ...

Jumping Gems Jack Miller

Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $5.00
Savings: $4.99
Jumping Gems - Jack Miller
Jumping Gems is a progressive routhine with lots of twists and turns.  In this effect, both rods appear to have no gems. One diamond gem appears, now it's on both sides of the rod. The diamond jumps to the other rod. Now it's on both sides of that rod. Next there's a diamond on each end of the rod. Then one diamond is pushed up to join the other diamond. Now we lose a diamond, or did it jump to the other rod? Last, it's obvious to the spectator that the lone diamond is under your thumb. Lift your thumb, surprise, it's a ruby!

Easy to do.

Classic in magic.

Do you want to learn Juggling - Will Roya
Our Price: $14.95
Omni Deck - Jerry Andrus / Danny Korem
Our Price: $21.25
Fechter's Aces - Obbie O'Brien
Our Price: $48.00
ABC Blocks - Tommy James
Our Price: $150.00

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