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6 Minutes of Killer Comedy - Matt Fore Something Out of the Ordinary - Nicholas Lawrence / SansMinds
The Family - Max Vellucci Alan Shaxton -The Sophisticated Sorcerer (book)
The Family - Max Vellucci
Our Price: $25.00
eLit  - Peter Eggink The Vault - David Penn
Completely Mental  -Tom Wright & Arron Jones WANDERFUL - Jay Sankey
WANDERFUL - Jay Sankey
Our Price: $39.95
Dean's Coin Wallet - Dean Dill & Alan Wong Insight - Hugo Shelley
Insight - Hugo Shelley
Our Price: $588.00
Wonderbox (DVD & Gimmick) - SansMinds Freedom Writer - Mark Allen & Paul Harris Presents

Worth a look ...

Folding Key "SMOKE" - Joe Porper

Our Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $75.00
Savings: $94.00
Folding Key - Joe Porper
We have recently bought out the inventory of a small magic shop in Europe. These are original Porper Folding Keys (not copies) and we have even changed the rubber bands...nothing is really wrong with them except that the dealer was a heavy smoker and the instruction booklet smells like cigarette smoke. This does not affect the working or appearance of the key. Get them at an amazing price!

This ordinary looking car key is designed to fold, for routines like Key in Bottle, or Ring over Key, where a ring on the shank, held by a spectator can be passed over the handle end of the ring. It is a totally new method, there are no telltale edge grooves. All the mechanics of this new key are internal, there is nothing for the spectator to see.

Complete with duplicate un-gaffed key and leather carrying case.

Omni Deck - Jerry Andrus / Danny Korem
Our Price: $21.25
Fechter's Aces - Obbie O'Brien
Our Price: $48.00
Do you want to learn Juggling - Will Roya
Our Price: $14.95
ABC Blocks - Tommy James
Our Price: $150.00

New Products

HPad - Henri Beaumont
Our Price: $74.95
Mike Caveney Wonders
Our Price: $240.00
Victorian Coins to Glass - Dave Powell
Our Price: $395.00
Pocket Minds
Our Price: $30.00
Dai Vernon Seminar (DVD SET) - Roberto Giobbi
Our Price: $45.00

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