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The Art of Play - Terry Ward

The Steal Cup - GD Wu Solid and Stretch (DVD & Gimmicks) - David Penn & Jonathon Farr
The Steal Cup - GD Wu
Our Price: $39.95
The Secret Box Blackjack Surprise - Alisdair Chisholm & Zane
The Secret Box
Our Price: $14.95
The Social Deck (DVD & Cards) - Soma Nemo Jumbo Card Rise - Jim Hooper / Ken Brooke / Paul Stone
Crazy Years (D01570) - Tango Skyline - Danny Weiser
Magic Clock Hofzinser Book Set (Limited Ed.) - Magic Christian
Magic Clock
Our Price: $27.95
Manoj Candle - Manoj Kaushal Medallion - Mystique Factory

Worth a look ...

Cups and Balls Aluminum

Our Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $14.00
Savings: $10.99
Cups and Balls Aluminum - Ickle Pickle
Beautiful spun aluminum set of the classic cups and balls.

2.75" tall, OD at opening 2.75"

Comes with "pom" ball set (colors may vary), velveteen carry bag and basic instructions

Different Deck
Our Price: $12.50
Manivelle (Crank) - S├ębastien Calbry
Our Price: $59.95
Mugshot (DVD) - Kevin Schaller
Our Price: $25.00
The Card Through Handkerchief (DVD) - World's Greatest Magic
Our Price: $19.95
Ball and Tube Johnson Products
Our Price: $20.00

New Products

The Classic Collection Vol. 5 (book) - Harry Lorayne
Our Price: $89.95
Phoenix Ashes (DVD & Gimmick) - David Blanco / Asier Kidam
Our Price: $45.00
Who killed the King - Kostya Kimlat
Our Price: $29.95
Devil's Tail (Gimmicks & DVD) - Jay Sankey
Our Price: $49.95
Ahead of the Game (DVD) - Jonathan Levit
Our Price: $39.99

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